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Hong Kong Rehabilitation A&E Association Ltd. has started the borrowing of rehabilitation equipment with free of charge for more than 10 years. We thanked for the donation of all generous donors. After repairment and maintenance of the rehabilitation equipment, they were then borrowed out to those in emergency. The beneficiaries from this service increased sharply years by years. The figure of the rehabilitation equipment recycle use also grew rapidly. For the purpose of allowing effective allocation of rehabilitation equipment to those with urgent needs, Hong Kong Rehabilitation A&E Association re-organized the service in 2019. In order to avoid borrowing the rehabilitation equipment to an indefinite extent, the free provision period for general rehabilitation equipment would be restricted to 2 months while for electrical and large-sized rehabilitation equipment would be set at 3 months. This upholds the service concept of urgent short-term need for the rehabilitation equipment. We appreciate those return the rehabilitation equipment back to us after undergoing the transition period.


Meanwhile, we consider that a few proportion of service users may need the rehabilitation equipment for a longer term. Hence, we formulate a renting system. After exceeding the free of charge period, rent will be collected on a monthly basis. The rental period is limited to 6 months. We aim at allowing more users to be benefited from the service with the limited resources inside the community.


Apart from rehabilitation equipment, Hong Kong Rehabilitation A&E Association Ltd. call for the donation of new rehabilitation products instead of discarding those which no longer in use. In supporting environmental protection, why not consider donating those unused rehabilitation products, rather than abandon them?

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